Head of the Centre

Shouribrata Chatterjee
Ph.D. (Columbia University)
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Phone No. : 26591099(O) , 26581619 (R)
E-mail : shouri@ee.iitd.ac.in
Specialization: Analog circuit design and VLSI
Areas Of Interest: Analog circuit design and VLSI, Analog and digital filter design, Low power and low voltage circuit techniques, Measurement and instrumentation techniques

Core Faculty Group

Kushal Sen
Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)
Professor , Textile Technology

Phone No. : 26591411(o)
E-mail : kushal@textile.iitd.ernet.in
Specialization: Textile Chemistry
Areas Of Interest: Texturing of Synthetic, Natural Fibres and Blends , Special Finishes

Prem K. Kalra
Ph.D. (Switzerland)
Professor , Computer Science & Engineering

Phone No. : 26591295 (O), 26591553 (R)
E-mail : pkalra@cse.iitd.ac.in
Specialization: Computer graphics, 3D animation
Areas Of Interest: Computer vision based modeling and rendering, 3D visualization and animation and image/video super-resolution

Ashok Gupta
Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)
Professor , Civil Engineering

Phone No. : 26591194(O) , 26591993 (R)
E-mail : ashokg@civil.iitd.ac.in
Specialization: Structural Engineering
Areas Of Interest: Structural Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Technology Enhanced Learning, Web based Courses

Sanjeev Sanghi
Ph.D. (City Univ.)
Professor , Applied Mechanics

Phone No. : 26591339, 26596539, 26591230 (O), 26591492 (R)
E-mail : sanghi@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence
Areas Of Interest: Numerical and Analytical Studies of Turbulent Flows, Chaos and Dynamical Systems, Finite Element Method (FEM), Educational Software, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition.

Kolin Paul
Ph.D. (BESU)
Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

Phone No. : 2659-6033(O) , 26581910 (R)
E-mail : kolin@cse.iitd.ac.in
Specialization: Embedded Systems
Areas Of Interest: Embedded Systems, Affordable Healthcare, Reconfigurable and Adaptive Computing

Balaji Srinivasan
Ph.D. (Stanford)
Associate Professor , Applied Mechanics

Phone No. : 2659 1226 (O) , 26581912 (R)
E-mail : balaji@am.iitd.ac.in
Specialization: Fluid Mechanics
Areas Of Interest: Computational fluid dynamics,Theoretical fluid dynamics, Multscale methods, Numerical Analysis

Amit Gupta
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Phone No. : 2659 1270 (O) , 26591845 (R)
E-mail : agupta@mech.iitd.ac.in
Specialization: Lithium-ion batteries, Microfluidics and Flapping wing aerodynamics
Areas Of Interest: Lithium-ion Battery Modeling and Optimization; Microfluidics and Nanofluidics;Multiphase Flows; Flapping Wing Aerodynamics; Surrogate Modeling and Analysis; Parallel Computing

Shalini Gupta
Ph.D. (North Carolina State University, USA)
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Phone No. : 2659 1070 (O)
E-mail : shalinig@chemical.iitd.ac.in
Specialization: Colloid science and surface engineering
Areas Of Interest: Colloid interactions and nanoscale engineering, self-assembly of molecules at interfaces, on-chip devices for particle manipulation and assembly of colloidal structures, biosensors for diagnostic applications, bioresponsive nanomaterials, microfluidics and nanolithography

Technical/Office Staff

1. Sushma Sachdeva Jr. Superintendent
2. V.P.Taneja   Sr. Technical Superintendent
3. S.Thulaseedharan Technical Superintendent
4. S.S.Chauhan Technical Superintendent
5. Ritu Jr. Technical Superintendent
6. Sherban Kumar Jr. Technical Superintendent
7. Vinod Kumar Jr. Superintendent
8. Yad Ram Sr. Lab. Assistant

1. Sandeep Pramanik Project Associate
2. Guneet Chadha Project Assistant
3. Karuna Pankaj Project Assistant
4. Ramesh Kumar Project Assistant
5. Ashish Negi Project Assistant
6. Manoj Kumar Project Assistant
7. Rahul Kumar Project Assistant
8. Sanjay Mishra Project Attendant
9. Yogendra Singh Project Attendant
1. Anil Jha Assistant
2. Satyendra Attendant