1.The Educational Technology Services Centre has a computer laboratory with modern multimedia capabilities and internet connectivity.
2.Non linear editing set up and Apple Streaming server are available for post production and video streaming.
3.The Centre has a modern video studio with recording and editing facilities in DVCAM format.
4.Video conferencing for faculty selection interviews and meetings
5.Training programmes for faculty and professionals across the country
6.Video and computer based instructional packages
7.Provision and maintenance of AV equipment for classroom teaching.

ETSC Charges

S. No. Room no. Facility Seating Capacity(people) Charges (Full Day) Charges (Half Day)
1 Video studio – MS 105 Audio/Video Recording & Editing 40 Rs. 15000/- Rs. 9000/-
2 Bharti - 301 Audio/Video Recording & Editing 100 Rs. 15000/- Rs. 9000/-
3 V C Room – MS 207/B 9 Video conferencing/ meetings 5 Rs. 6000/- Rs. 3000/-
4 Seminar hall Audio  and Projection System 400 Rs. 6000/- Rs. 3000/-
5 Dogra hall Audio  and Projection System 1100 Rs. 6000/- Rs. 3000/-

Note :These rates are for project-related activities and for institute-related activities, there is a multiplier of 0.5X and for external activities, there is a multiplier of 2X.


ET Facilities

The Educational Techonology Facility provide the support to all class room. IIT having the lecture hall complex. where all the rooms are prepared for Moderen digital Technology.The class room contains the digital facility for teaching the students. It also have projector and camera for recording of all the lecture.The infrastructure and technical facility of the center is as follows:

    Studio with LED Lighting Control System

    Virtual Studio Setup

    Broadcast Quality Professional HD Cameras

    Non Linear Editing Systems

Video Studio

The Centre has a State-of-Art Video studio with a 4- PTZ camera set up. Facilities are also available for complete post production of full HD(1920x1080) formats.The studio can accomodate 45 students.

The video studio houses a studio-classroom. Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses are recorded on-line for nationwide dissemination. The studio classroom is equiped with live streaming etc.ETSC has procured and installed Tricaster video switcher which can take six real video inputs. Also it has the potential to record the lectures with virtual background. Video Conferencing facilities have been installed in the ETSC Studio (MS-125)

The studio has professional lighting arrangment which are controlled by a DMX controller reomte and the temperature can be varried from 2700 k to 5600k. The lights can be dimmed from 20% to 100% of brightness.

The above mentioned system system is installed in Bharti building with Three PTZ camera and Sony Anycast video switcher which can take six video inputs and recoding is done on SSD recorders in 1920X1080.This room can accomodate 50 Students.

We have one small Studio for Faculties only.The lectures can not be interative.The Room has video Switcher with four inputs and a PTZ camera controlled by a PTZ controller and recording is being done in SSD recorder in 1920x1080 format.

All the lectures are recorded in solid state hard drives in MOV Format(Pro-Res 4:2:2).Further these MOV files are transferred to MAC Pro System for editing. After neccesary editing these files are further converted to MP4 and other desired formats.

Different types of programmes(Lab Suitings and outdoor Suitings)are developed according to the need. Fully designed programmes of 20 to 30 minutes duration involving outdoor recording and sophisticated post-production and professional voice over.

Complete Video Courses: On-line recording of IIT-Delhi courses (UG/PG) conducted in video-studio with little post-production.

Semi-designed Video-Modules - on selected topics generally of interest to industry. A module typically contains 4-6 units.

Laboratory Experiments : The laboratory experiments related to M.Tech./Ph.D or research are recorded with commentary.

Video documentation of consultancy and sponsored research projects undertaken by faculty through IRD/FITT.

Computer Aided Instruction Learning

ETSC houses a Computer Laboratory where modern computing facilities with multimedia capabilities and internet connectivity are available. Infrastructure and expertise are available for developing Computer Aided Instruction/Learning materials for higher education. Different types and levels of training programmes are conducted for faculty, staff, students, and in-service professionals. Packages for NPTEL project are also developed in the CAI Laboratory.

The Centre Co- ordinates development of multimedia instructional resources for higher engineering education. The materials include:

CAI/L packages for Self- learning

Multimedia presentation packages including modules and tutorials

Web-based courses and tutorials

classroom support

transparencies, slides and video clips

print support materials.

VC schedule