One of the major objectives of distance education was to start graduate level courses in various disciplines to the students of Dayalbagh Educational Institutes in Agra and Addis Ababa University , Ethiopia.. Interactive Distance Education Programmes: Special Modules of I-credit (14 lectures each) are held with two way audio and video links between Dayalbagh Educational Institutes in Agra and IIT Delhi. Half of the lectures are delivered from IIT Delhi and other half from DEI, Agra. Combined ;strength of students enrolled at both ends for the courses is typically 30 to 40.

Outreach to Industry: Two specific initiatives were taken to reach out to industry in the NCR. It is expected that in the years to come IIT Delhi will be seen as a major catalyst by these organizations in their attempt to move up the value chain. This is because such growth requires major up-gradation of their manpower skills and IIT by reaching out to them can play a major role.